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Drifting apart

November 1, 2014

I am a kind of species who encounters more number of frustrating days than those with comfortable joy, reasons not being external but internal. May be because on this current frame of time I did not realized my true path which I could follow with self driven motivation. Well this particular frustrating day on whose behalf I am hitting keys of my laptop, is marked by a common kind of frustration, Frustration from social media, yes, you heard it right, they do have their hand in lives of some odd species to create frustration. Sometimes you feel that you spend too much time on them, Once I wanted to check one mail and opened my laptop, after 2 minutes I was wondering what the heck am I doing on my FB newsfeeds,  I was jolted and disgust on such impulsive act of mine. Blocking and closing everything for some while I left my place to do only thing that will restore my mind to its formal glory (in personal ways), that is Photography.


I left soon and reached Gangtok, Only place in Gangtok where you will be reaching first if you are a traveler is ‘MG Road’, Not to blame as it is so happening place to be at., ‘M.G Road’ is present in many of the Indian cities owning to respect for Mr. M.K. Gandhi, whose optimistic wisdom hardly crosses mind of anyone anymore.


While in my college days of masters I hardly use to shoot or write, excuses could be ample. Thus as I got on field with camera in my hand an optimistic feeling started engulfing my mind, it is a beautiful feeling, every-time it happens it brings excitement and grace. Taking some strolls on the well managed road exclusively for just walkers, It feels like you are passing through an open shopping mall, Exquisite !!,  it wasn’t late and I started getting glimpse of one thing that  I came here to forget about and that is the  F#@$ing world of  virtuality.


Most of the people were on their phone/tabs, and I do not mean on call, but everything including call, their eyes was stuck at the screen on their hands and they were walking-by everything which holds beauty to influence you in one or other ways.

I noticed a little girl-child giggling and running towards her mother who picked her up using her horizontal velocity and hugged her. The odor of sautéing spices and veggies indicating preparation of a succulent meal from nearby restaurant enchanted me deeply. Two lovers stood on middle of the walking path and placed a quick kiss on each other’s lips; those who were not fixed to their screens paused to see and then moved on., I  then passed though the vegetable market seeing the beauty of women vendors dressed in traditional attires, it was a lovely experience, some old eyes have  glimmer of wisdom and speaking fables even if you look in them for  fraction of a seconds.


All such experiences were not present for those who do not have audacity to plunge into the reality and live in it. I am not throwing away the idea of lovely gadgets that are present all time in our disposal to be utilized, My point is that, we should use technology to our benefit, not to get lost in that, creating a virtual world in which we are so lost that we forget who we are, and what is our real purpose.


One man predicted the probability in future as- 'I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.'


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