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A silent lesson

“She walked with her in tranquility, the calmness was not against the voice of sea waves. But the tranquility was in the feeling of being there, towards the setting sun at the far horizon, they walked beside each other. She was not holding her hand nor were they looking towards each other, but there was rhythm in their walk, and a bond that was easily felt than said , pushing and making way through the shallow water at seashore, water which was oscillating in form of waves and caressing their foot, they walked for long time slowly and gently. She might be giving her a silent lesson, that life is like the sea whose depth is different at different stages, whose very existence is a complex mixture of many events and lives, the joy and dejection is like waves which come and goes in persistent ways. And you my darling, have to experience all and find endurance unmatched. As those who walk the path of morality and candidness have always been comfortable with their own very self with content heart and no regrets.And like always I will walk beside you whether in chaos or in composure.”.

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