Frequently asked questions

What is your shooting style for wedding?

I 100% take wedding as an emotional event, which is celebrates the relationship between two people and their families. Thus my approach is photojournalistic. To capture the event in non intrusive and narrative format to tell a story and mainly to convey true emotions of everyone involved.

How many people shoot in the wedding, Do you have a team or you shoot alone?

I usually shoot with a team of Photographers and Videographers. The truth is, it totally subjective to the type of event you have. Based on that I decide on how big of team is needed for covering the event in best possible ways.

Are you okay with travelling apart from your own town/city.

Yes !! Traveling to new places and cities is my love. I have shot weddings in many place all over India and we are open to travel in India and abroad.

Do you shoot every wedding yourself or you give part of your time in each wedding?

I take one assigment at a time. There is no point or justification of shooting more than one wedding at a time as of now. I try to take each wedding as a dedicated and close process to me and like to start and finish it with one mind.